We all know that the radio is wirelessly transmitting signals through the air. The frequency of the radio is also divided into 150MHZ, 400MHZ, 800MHZ, 350MHZ, 900MHZ and other bands. So what are the differences between different bands when we choose the radio? How should we choose a suitable walkie-talkie product? Today I will tell […]

When purchasing a walkie-talkie, you will find CTCSS, CDCSS, DCS, DTCS, QT, DQT, PL, TPL, and DPL in the function introduction… These are the sub-audio functions that represent the walkie-talkie. Then the question comes, how is the sub-tone of the walkie-talkie divided? How does the subsonic function prevent interference? Here is the answer for everyone. […]

BAOFENG RADIO, HANDHELD RADIO – September 18, 2018 Things Consider Before Buying a Baofeng Radio Things Consider Before Buying a Baofeng Radio Baofeng is a widely popular Chinese manufacturer. Before going through the messy technical specs of the best radios of them, let’s have a look at what you should be looking at in order to get yourself […]