BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174Mhz VHF & 400-520Mhz UHF) (2-PCS)

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The BF-F8HP is the third and final generation of the UV-5R. Some new features found in the BF-F8HP are the three selectable power levels (Low – 1w, Med – 4/5w, High-7/8w); the BF-F8HP has a better high-gain antenna (7″) that was not available in earlier models; the BF-F8HP also brings back the customizable tri-color display that was not found in second generation UV-5Rs. The BF-F8HP also comes with a Full IN-DEPTH 76 Page User Manual that will help you get aquatinted with all the New Features!

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This item: BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174Mhz VHF & 400-520Mhz UHF) (2-PCS)
$125.78 $119.99
$125.78 $119.99
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DMR Digital Store & Forward Repeater


The BF-F8HP is a dual band handheld radio that improves on the UV-5R with more transmit power based on a new generation chipset – along with new concierge service.

Beyond the 3 Power Levels (1, 4, 8 watt) it also includes: a new 2000mAh Battery, an in-depth user guide, concierge support, and the High Gain V-85 Antenna. All while still maintaining full backward accessory compatibility with all prior UV-5R accessories.

The BF-F8HP has the latest N5R-340A firmware not available on any other model

Adjustable Scanning Features


The BF-F8HP includes a new battery pack that still provides a long lasting radio experience; even while using high power.

Average Battery Life:
UV-5R High (4W): 18 Hours.
BF-F8HP High (8W): 20 Hours.
BF-F8HP Mid (5W): 24 Hours.
The large battery gives you peace of mind to use the built-In flashlight or even the built in FM radio – and still have the power to communicate throughout the day without recharging.

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The BF-F8HP was designed in the USA and because not everyone is a radio-expert we really wanted to focus on providing an easier user experience! That starts with the new in-depth manual that guides you through the capabilities and customization of the BF-F8HP. On top of that the BF-F8HP also includes exclusive concierge customer help and warranty support. This concierge service is only available on select BaoFeng models such as the BF-F8HP.

Additional Highlights


BaoFeng BF-F8HP.

2000mAh Battery.

V-85 Antenna.

Power Adapter.


Belt Clip.

Hand Strap.

Battery Charger.

User Manual.

1 Year Complimentary Concierge Service and Warranty Support. (Conditions apply. Kindly contact customer care/website for further information).


BF-F8HP User Manual

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1 review for BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174Mhz VHF & 400-520Mhz UHF) (2-PCS)

    5 out of 5

    Good radio for a beginner HAM operator This is the first radio I bought after receiving my amateur radio license so I don't have anything to compare it to. As a first time radio, it was easy to program using a programming cable (sold separately) and CHIRP. The included battery holds up well, I've had it mostly on for days, listening with a few minutes of talking here and there as something piques my interest, and only had to recharge it twice since I've had it. The 3 power settings are useful I suppose. I'm able to hit a repeater about 6 miles from my house on medium, however, I've been told when I run it up to high my sound quality is much better. It claims to be outputting at 8 watts on high, I have no gear to test and verify this claim but I've seen YouTube videos of people testing and it's somewhere around 7.5 watts. Maybe I'll run over to HRO one of these weekends to see if they have something which can test it. I was able to make a contact a few nights ago on 2 meters simplex at about 12 miles. Of course, he was probably at 500 feet of elevation and line of sight to me and had a 50-foot antenna behind his house so.... I think if this is a first-time radio for you, you can't go wrong. It's cheap enough that if you break the radio it doesn't hurt so much and it will get you into using a radio and used to radio etiquette.

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