We not only sell BaoFeng, but we have taken the time to improve BaoFeng for

everyone. When you buy through BaoFeng Tech, you are supporting new

radios and advancements from the affordable radio movement. From testing

BaoFeng radios and fixing bugs to preparing the user’s guide – we pay attention

to every single detail,
We not only sell BaoFeng radios, but we KNOW BaoFeng radios. We offer after-

sales and warranty support on any radio or accessory purchased from us.

Here’s what makes our support different: you will find that we are reachable,

we won’t charge fees, and we will never ‘outsource’ our support. We specialize

in BaoFeng Radios and Accessories; and we pride ourselves to be focused on

what you, the consumer, want.
We will never sell you refurbished, re-manufactured, or faulty radios. If you

ever have an issue, our Support team will get your radio repaired at no charge

if purchased from us. We are the only BaoFeng radio center able and

authorized to honor warranty claims in-house and free!